Frequently Asked Questions about Analytics Popup

What event types can I track via this Analytics extension?

You can track all the events which Popup builder provides.

Example: On load, On scrolling, On click, On hover, On inactivity, Exit-Intent, etc.

Is it possible to track only one event type for my Popups?

Sure, you can check any event type you need, it’s up to you!

What date range options will I have?

You can track the statistics for Today, for Yesterday, for the Last 7 days and for the Last 30 days.

Can I track my every Popup's statistics separately?

This is how our Analytics Popup work. You can select each Popup and view its statistics separately.

Is it possible to detect the most Popular of all that I have?

Sure! Under the options, you’ll have a column that includes your most Popular Popup’s name and the count of the views.

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