This option gives you an opportunity to open a Popup when the user clicks on the link, before redirecting to the proper page of the URL.

Required steps:

Go to your WordPress Dashboard and click on Popup Builder >> Add New.

Select any Popup type you wish (for this sample we use HTML Popup type) from the menu bar.

Now, go to the proper Page and switch the editor from Visual into Text mode and copy/paste the following code:
<a href="" class="sg-confirm-popup-700">Popup</a>


href = (required attribute of the link)
class = sg-confirm-popup-700 (700 is an ID number of your Popup)

After the required adjustments press Publish.

Go to your website (edited page) and click on the proper link - Popup to open the selected Popup.

Close the Popup to redirect the link on the selected webpage.

Here's the result.

Thus, after clicking on the Popup link the Popup appears, after closing the Popup the link will be automatically redirected to the proper webpage.
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