Required steps:

Please open your WordPress Dashboard, press on the button Popup Builder >> Add New, after then, please select the Popup, which you would like to create (the Subscription was chosen as an example).

Add the title and text content for your Popup as you see on the screenshot below

Subscription Options.

The Background option, to select and customize the background's color.

The First name, and Last name, to set the required fields of the Popup.

The  Inputs' style, to select the size, background's color, text, and placeholder's color

The  Submit button styles, to manage the button's size, title, background, and text color

With the help of this section, you can customize the Error message and Successful Subscription.

Popup Display Rules

This section responses, where to show the Popup on the website. In the example, we have selected All pages to open the Popup.

Popup Events

This option shows when the Popup should appear. As you see on the screenshot, we have chosen the On load mode and set 2 sec. to delay the Popup appearance.

This section also gives an opportunity to add or delete rules to customize your Popup more in details.


This section includes tools to design and customize your Popup appearance.

Close Settings.
The section is responsible for the Popup closing tools.


This section is responsible for the Popup size.

Popup Options

This section gives additional tools to configure the Popup.

The result

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