Popup creation was never this easy!

In this article, you will be shown how to create your first Popup. We have brought an Image popup as an example.

Make sure you have installed the free/core plugin to your WP website.

Go to the Popup Builder field in the WP admin panel.

Press on Add New icon and then on the Image button

Now, that you have created the popup, add a title to it (for instance, Discount Image Popup).

Press on Select Image and upload an image from your device to the Media library (this is the standard WP Media library) or add the URL of the image in the required field.

After, you can set the Display Rules. This is an important part as if there is nothing selected there, the popup will not be shown. Please check more information on all the Display Rules here. You can add multiple rules and use them simultaneously.

For this popup, "Everywhere" rule is chosen as an example:

Next option is going to be Popup Events, the events are responsible for the way you wish to show the popup. You can check more information on all the Events here.
For this popup, "On Load" event is chosen as an example:

After pressing "Update" button you can press on "Preview" and check how your popup will be shown.
For instance, I have created this image

Last but not least, in order to save all the settings press on Update button on the left

You are all set up!

Please also see the gif below in order to visualize the steps:
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