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How to Become a Popup Builder Affiliate

There is a chance to join our Affiliate program and get profit from it. To do that, follow the steps below.

Open the Popup Builder website from here

Scroll down the website till the end and click on the Affiliate

Fill in the required fields and register a new affiliate account if you have not any, or use the username and password of your affiliate account to log in

Copy your referral URL or generate a new one if needed

After start sharing your unique link on websites and social networks

Sections to be checked within the Affiliate account

From the Statistics section check the information related to Paid and Unpaid Referrals, Earnings and Visits

Check the graphs for the Paid, Unpaid, Pending and Rejected Referral Earnings with the appropriate filter within the Graphs section

All the information related to the Referral Payouts, can be checked from the Payouts section

From the Settings section change the Payment email in case you need it and click on the Save Profile Settings

Note, that the Payment email needs to be the same as your Paypal account email.

Some tips concerning the Affiliate program

You can assemble your earnings via PayPal once you’ve accumulated a minimum of 50$.

You will get a 20% commission for every visitor who signs up as a user in our service and purchases any of the products we offer per your referrals. You will keep on receiving a monthly commission as long as the paying users you had referred go on with their subscriptions of our product(s).

Your commission will be available to you after 30 days of the user’s subscription.

Updated on: 13/01/2022

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