Log in extension is the fastest way to log into the website. In this way, you can also customize registered users from non-registered ones.

Required steps

Go to your WordPress Dashboard >> Popup Builder, click on Add new and select Login Popup from the menu bar.

Fill in the title and editor.

The key tool is Login Options

Form background options to customize the color, opacity, padding of the background form.

Username and Username options to adjust the labels and placeholders of the background form.

Remember me to remember the user's login details.

Inputs’ style section to set inputs’ dimensions and colors.

Required field message to inform about required fields.

Error message to alert about incorrectly added username or password.

Login button styles to the size, title, and color of the login buttons.

After successful login to apply the action after the successful login: refresh, redirect to URL, open Popup and hide Popup.

The result.

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