The Registration popup is a best way to add the WordPress registration form inside the popup. This way the user can register in your website without any redirects.

In this article you will see the steps on creating it. Please make sure you had already purchased and installed the extension.

Please go to your "WordPress" Dashboard, find "Popup Builder" plugin and press on it

After, please press on "Add New" button, then on "Registration" icon in order to start creation

Please set the main options for the Popup these ones:

Form background options - here you can set the background color, opacity and the padding according to the one you wish
Fields - you will see all the required fields and placeholders (Username, Email Address, Password, Confirm Password) which can be renamed/removed if you wish
Inputs' style - in this field, you can set the sizing and the color of the inputs'
Required field message and Error message - options let you decide the text that you wish to show in those conditions
Registration button styles - those are the exact styles for the button
After successful registration - here, you will need to decide what is your desired action once a user had successfully registered, the options are: Refresh, Redirect to URL, Open popup, Hide popup

You will be able to see all the changes in the "Live Preview" on the right

Please also see the gif below in order to visualize the steps:

Note: You can check the "Login Popup" which will be helpful to show to your already registered customers.
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