Subscription Plus is a great tool to push the website visitors to subscribe and receive the upcoming newsletters via emails.

Please consider, it is an upgraded version of Subscription Popup Type, that's why you can find it only inside of Subscription Popup.

Required steps

Go to the WordPress Dashboard >> Popup Builder , click on the Add new and select the Subscription Popup from the menu bar.

Fill in the title and customize the editor.

The key tool of this Popup is Subscription Plus email notification.

Enable email notifications option to receive notification emails about new subscribers.

Contact to option to input the admin email.

Content option to manage and add/remove the required fields.

Style option to adjust the Inputs's style, Message's style and the Submit buttons style of the Popup.

Section 1 to set the background via Form background option.

Section 2 to adjust the size and color of the button via Input's style.

Section 3 to set dimensions and color of the button via Submit buttons style.

Advanced to manage error messages.

Live Preview option to see all Popup changes live.

The result.

Required tools for Subscription Plus Popup.

The Newsletter is a functionality, which you can use by sending email campaigns to already subscribed users.

Newsletter settings to manage the sending tools of the newsletter and write the proper content.

Newsletter shortcodes

The Autoresponder sends emails to your subscribers automatically, right after their subscription.

Autoresponder options to adjust the format of the sending emails.

Check more details about the setup of the Autoresponder option here: How to create and us the Autorersponder tool?
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