Subscription is a basic Popup Type to allow your visitors to subscribe to the website's newsletters via emails.

Requires steps

In your dashboard, go to the Popup Builder section and click on Add New.

Select the Subscription Popup type from the menu.

Enter the title and fill in the editor.

The key tool is Subscription Options

Form background options to adjust and customize the background, fields, and placeholders of the Popup.

Email placeholder to adjust the placeholder's inputs.

Enable GDPR to enable the alert about the terms and conditions regarding personal information of the site subscriber.

First name and Last name to adjust Popup info fields regarding user's first and last names.

Required field message to inform about required fields of the Popup.

Inputs’ style section you can set inputs’ dimensions and colors.

Submit button styles to set submit button dimensions, title labels, button background, and text colors.

Error message to insert info texts to remind the user about info errors or requires.

After successful subscription to set the action after the after successful subscription.

The result.

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