EDD (Easy Digital Downloads) Extension is the best way to combine more than one selected features for an effective marketing campaign by notifying about targeted offers, depends on cart's conditions.

Required steps:

Go to your open your WordPress Dashboard, press on the button Popup Builder >> Add New, after then, please select the popup, which you would like to create.

Fill in the title and insert the image via Image Popup Main Options (we use Image Popup for this example)

The key tool is Easy Digital Download Settings.

To start the installation and activation process, just press on the section Follow the link.

After you will be linked to WordPress.org site to download and activate the Easy Digital Downloads plugin or visit the Official Website.

Open your already created EDD Popup template and press on the section Easy Digital Downloads Settings to add EDD needed rules for the Popup.

The Condition gives an opportunity to add rules regarding Shopping Cart.

As an example we set the following criteria to have the final result: Number of products >= 5 and <= 3, Cart is empty, Total Price >= 150 and <= 100, Product(s) added - Armchair and TV.

To create the offered items and choose from, please press on Products from your WordPress Dashboard and click on New and begin filling in.

To see and customize already created item list via Filter, go to the Products section, after press All products.

The result.

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