There are 3 bundles to choose from:

Starter (1 site license)
Business (5 sites licenses)
Agency (Unlimited Website licenses )

To install the Bundle, first of all, you should have already installed Popup Builder Free Plugin.

To download the Bundle:

Visit Popup Builder Official Website -, after then, choose the section Pricing

After purchasing, please press Account and find "" to download Popup Builder Bundle, which includes all extensions (the screenshot, please see below)

Also, you have an opportunity to choose only one or a few extensions from the list.

#**To upload** the Bundle:

Open your WordPress Dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New >> Upload Plugin, choose "", after then, please click on the button Install >> Activate

To see the Bundle list, please click on Plugins

Now, the Bundle is already fully activated and ready to use.

Please consider, there are 2 types of extensions Type and Event. Types are visible icons on your Popup Builder menu bar. Event extensions are not visible on the icon menu bar, they are inside each extension.
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