There are two ways to save your data before updating the plugin.
If you want to update the plugin and have created many Popups and have data that you don't want to lose and redo all the work again, just follow the easy steps below:
Under your Dashboard, find Popup Builder plugin
Find Settings under Popup Builder
Go to settings and Uncheck Delete Popup data option
Click Save changes
Then proceed to update

Another option to save your data when updating the plugin is to Export your Popup data before uninstalling the current version and Import it in the new version.
Follow the steps to have this done:
Under your Dashboard, find Popup Builder plugin
Select All popups
On the upper right corner, there are two buttons: Export and Import
Click Export, and save the files on your device
Then, when you install the new version, go by the same steps:  Popup Builder >> All Popups
Click Import and upload the files you had exported and you're done!

Now you can easily delete the previous version before installing the new one, being sure that your popups won't be gone after the update!
*Note that this is not a migration tool.

Updated: Mar 16, 2017
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