Popup showing limitation allows restricting the Popup showing frequency for the same user.

This tool offers 3 options to configure your Popup showing limitation. Now, let's see how do they work, one by one.

Popup showing count option helps you to set, how many times the same user will see the Popup.

Popup showing expiry option will let you set the count of the days to show the Popup to the same user. If you set the value 0, the Popup will appear each time when the user opens the browser.

Apply option on each page. If you stay this option by default the Popup showing count will be related to website-wide. But if you enable it, the Popup limitation will be preferable for each page of the site.

For more details, please see the screenshot below

To use the Popup limitation, you can find on the Popup Options section (see on the screenshot above), while creating your Popup (to see how you can create your first Popup, please follow the link).
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