It is possible to use the Contact Form 7 forms in our popups.
Besides just using the forms, we also have options to define the behavior of the popup after the embedded form is submitted.

The behavior can be defined from the "Behavior After Special Events" section.

Make sure to have a popup which has the HTML editor possibility. We took the HTML popup as our example.
Also, you should have at least one form created with the Contact Form 7 plugin.

Below you can find the steps on how to embed a Contact Form 7 form in a popup and how to set the behavior upon subscription.

Place the shortcode in the HTML editor of the popup, Text area.

Go to "Behavior After Special Events" section and choose "Contact Form 7 submission" as the event. Select one of the following behaviors for the popup:

Redirect to URL

Open another popup

Close current popup

If you choose the "Redirect to URL", you can insert the needed URL in the following field.

If you choose the "Open another popup", you can select which one from the dropdown menu.

If you choose to "Close close current popup", you can even specify the close delay, i.e. how many seconds later the popup should be closed once the form has been submitted.

This is it. Now you can choose how the popup should behave after the Contact Form 7 is submitted.
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