How to Use the PDF Extension

The PDF extension is a great tool for displaying your PDF documents inside the popup.

The extension is paid and can be purchased both within the bundles or as a single extension.

Once you are done with the purchase, make sure to install it like this:

If it is purchased within bundle, check the following article.
In case of the single extension, the following article needs to be checked.

Steps to create the PDF popup

From your WordPress dashboard open the Popup Builder and click on the Add New.

Choose the PDF popup type from the menu bar.

Add a title for the popup and press on the ''Upload'' button from the Upload .pdf file option. After, choose the appropriate PDF file.

Steps to customize the PDF popup

PDF Zoom Level: set the appropriate zoom volume for the document.
Available options are:

Full width
In percentages ( 25%, 50%, 75%, 125%, 150% and 200%)

Default selected page: enter the number of the page that you wish to be shown in the popup after opening.

Note: it will be better to set Automatic zoom level in case you are setting a specific opening page for the PDF.

Available options within the Toolbar of the PDF popup

Presentation Mode
Current View
Go to the First Page ( if the PDF file includes more than 1 page)
Go to the Last page
Rotate ClockWise
Rotate Counterclockwise
Text Selection Tool
Hand Tool
Page Scrolling
Vertical Scrolling
Horizontal Scrolling
Wrapped Scrolling
No Spreads
Odd Spreads
Even Spreads

Updated on: 21/04/2022

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