How to Use the Scheduling Extension

The Scheduling extension is a perfect tool for showing popups in a desired period of time.
You can choose to show popups for each day of the week or else for the exact date range.

The extension is paid. It can be purchased either within the bundles or as a single extension.

Once purchased it should be installed like this:

• In case of the bundle click here.
• In case it was purchased as a single extension click here.

The Scheduling extension can be used with any popup type you create. So make sure to have at least one created popup to see the appropriate options this extension provides.

Available options within the Scheduling extension

In order to access the extension, click on the Scheduling under the Main Options for every popup type.

With the Schedule option set the day(s) of the week and specific time during which the popups will be shown on your website.

Use the Show popup in date range option to show the popups during the exact time period by specifying the start date/time and end date/time for the popup.

Please, note, that the popups will be scheduled with your WordPress timezone.

Updated on: 06/05/2022

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