Licenses and Renewals

Licenses are provided by default with a bundle or extension(s) for a year. They include Support and Updates for the next 12 months.

After the expiration of the licenses, the bundle or extension(s) will still be available, but the support and updates will be canceled automatically.

We highly recommend you to renew the licenses of your bundle or extension(s) to get important updated features and support.

Meanwhile, you constantly get updates for Free Popup Builder Plugin (core Plugin).

After a year of usage, if you decide to renew, you will get 30% OFF if you purchased a single extension.

After then, you will see the discounted sum (30% OFF) of your extension

Take consider, you can renew extension(s) any time after the licenses' expiration, and in this case, the 30% OFF also will be available.


To purchase the Renewal extension or bundle, we give you 2 Payment options:

PayPal and 2Checkout 

To make a payment via PayPal, please be sure that you already have a PayPal account and fill in all required fields and press Agree and Continue, as you see on the screenshot below

If you prefer to pay via 2Checkout, you can use any type of credit card. After Purchase, first, please check the sum and click on the button Continue to Billing Information

Second, please fill in all required billing information and press Continue to Payment Method

Third, please fill in all required info regarding the payment and submit

After Purchasing, you will get confirmation on your email. 

So, your Updated bundle and extension(s) are ready to use. 


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