This option allows you to show the same page with/without Popup.

Required steps:

You can create or insert a link in any kind of websites and while editing the link, you need to include your WordPress site URL and the ID of the Popup you would like to open by URL according to the form presented below:

You can take the ID of the Popup from your Popup list.

Secondly, you need to use two pages on your website. On the first page, you can write a text and include a link like it is shown below.

Thus, due to following the step-by-step instructions presented in this knowledge base, you will learn how to target visitors through opening a Popup by URL.

Steps to Follow

Create a post on your WordPress site

Place a link in the post including the website address and the ID of the Popup you would like to display the way it is shown in the screenshot below.

Follow the link and it will lead you to the page of your website where a Popup will open.

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