This option gives an opportunity to share multiple links inside the one Iframe Popup type with the same settings.

Required steps:

Go to your WordPress Dashboard and click on Popup Builder >> Add New.

Select an Iframe Popup type from the menu bar.

Feel free to add any URL address in the Iframe URL field (for this example we use our website home URL address).

The URL in this field won't be shown anywhere, it's just suggested, to make the Popup save.

Go to the proper page to insert your created Iframe Popup type.

Switch the editor from Visual into Text mode and copy/paste the following code:

<a href="" class="sg-iframe-popup-699">Popup</a>


href = (required attribute of the link)
class = sg-iframe-popup-699 (699 is an ID number of your Popup)

After all required adjustments press Publish.

Go to your Sample page (the name of the page can be changeable according to needs) and click on the Popup link to open your created Iframe Popup which contains your inserted link (URL link - Popup type.

Here's the result.

As you see we've clicked on the link, but instead of it, the website appeared.
Please consider, that you can insert an unlimited number of dynamic links on the same Popup.
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