Frequently Asked Questions about PDF Popup

Can I select the zoom level of the PDF in the popup?

Sure, you can. You can select the Automatic or Full-Width modes, or just select the level in percentages.

Is it possible to show a specific page in the PDF document that will open by default?

Yes, you can use the “Default selected page” option to specify which page will open by default in the popup.

Just be noted that we recommend selecting the “Automatic” zoom level for more accurate page specification.

Can I show the PDF popup when someone clicks on a button on my site?

Sure, you can add your PDF popup to the button via CSS class option: sg-popup-id-1 (your popup id number)

So your PDF popup will open as soon as the user clicks on the button.

Is it possible to download the PDF file right through the popup?

Yes, it’s super convenient. You can show PDF files in the popup which your users can easily download right through the popup.
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