Frequently Asked Questions about Subscription Plus Popup

Is it possible to have a certain behavior after the user has subscribed?

Yes, we are providing 4 options which you can select to have your desired action:

1) Close Popup

2) Redirect to any URL

3) Open another Popup

4) Show success message

Can I add fields to the existing subscription form?

Yes, you can. There are no limits for adding fields in Subscription+. You can add different fields and segment your subscribers.

Can I customize the look of the subscription form?

Yes, the subscription form Popup is fully customizable.

Is there a way to see all the changes during the creating process?

Yes, you can live preview all the look and feel of your Subscription Popup while you’re creating it.

Do you have newsletter module inside subscription Popup?

Yes, our subscription Popup comes with its own newsletter module. You can easily select the group or list of people to whom you want to send an email.

What is autoresponder?

Autoresponder allows sending automated emails to newly subscribed users.

Do you give templates to use for an autoresponder?

Yes, we provide 5 unique templates. You can create your own template as well.

Can I get notifications when a new subscriber joins the list?

Surely. If you don’t want to get notifications about new subscribers, you can easily switch it off. Besides, you can also mention the email where you would like to get notifications.
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