Custom JS Variable option gives an opportunity to select any dynamic content (changeable content) from the site and insert it into Popup in the simplest way, which can be identified based on Class or ID.

Required steps:

Select the page where you want to show the Popup with dynamic content, via inspect to check the class and choose the title.

Source WEB Page #1

Source WEB Page #2

Go to your WordPress Dashboard, and select any Popup with an editor (for ex. HTML Popup).

Click on the Custom JS Variable button.

Inset the Selector - .elementor-heading-title and the Attribute - data-title, after then press Insert.

The shortcode inside the Editor, which will be replaced with the selected part of the content.

As a result, the same Popup with different contents will appear for each webpage.

Popup content #1

Popup content #2

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