Frequently Asked Questions about Web Push Notification Popup

Is it possible to customize the look of the buttons?

Anything is possible with Popup Builder push notification Popups. You can change the color of each button, change the text color of the buttons, change the radius and border width of the button. More is yet to come!

Can I save cookies for the "Disallow" choice and show the Popup again after some time?

Sure, you can! We provide a “Save choice” -> “Expiration time” option for the “Disallow” button, where you can specify days for cookie saving. The Popup will be shown to the user again, after your specified days, if he/she selects “Disallow” for your push notification Popup.

Is it possible to show the "Allow" and "Disallow" buttons on the bottom of the Popup, after the content?

Yes, it’s possible! You can use the “Push to bottom” option in the Push notifications Popup settings and the buttons will be displayed after your Popup content, on the bottom.

Is there any statistics about the user actions upon the push notification campaign?

Yes, you can view all the statistics in the Campaigns section of your Push notification settings. The statistics will show how many campaigns have been sent to the subscribers, how many of them have been delivered, and how many users have clicked on the notifications.

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