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How to activate License Key(s)

In order to receive all the updates on your Extension(s) you need to activate the License Key(s).

In this article you will learn how to activate them.

Please, note, that before activating the License Key(s), you need to install and activate a bundle or a single extension you have purchased.

In order to install a bundle, check this article.
To install a single extension, check this article.

Steps to activate the License Key(s)

Log in to your Popup Builder account from here

Copy the License Key under the each extension

Go to your WP account and press on Popup Builder option in the menu bar. After click on the ''License'' option

Paste the keys in the box near the corresponding extension type and hit the ''Activate'' button

Once the License is activated, you will see the ''Active'' sign and can deactivate the License anytime you wish by pressing the ''Deactivate'' button

You are all set!

In case of a bundle, you need to activate the License Keys for every extension individually.

Steps to manage License Key(s)

There is a chance to manage ( delete, deactivate, generate) the License Key(s) from your Popup Builder account. You can also check the website the License Key(s) is applied to.

Login to your Popup Builder account from here

Click on the ''Manage Sites'' under the wished extension

Check the License Key(s) related information

Also check the gif below to visualize the steps:

Updated on: 08/12/2021

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