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Popup Builder Events and Conditions

Popup Builder has a core plugin and provides extensions to extend the functionality of it.

In this article you will learn about Opening/Closing and Targeting Events & Conditions and gain more information about each of them.
You can check an article on Popup Types here. and see the rest of available extensions.


Here are all the Events included in the free version of the plugin:
On load - the Popup will open when the page loads.
Set by CSS class - the popup will be opened via CSS class which is added to your website
On Click - the Popup will open when clicking on the element
On Hover - with this event the popup will be shown when hovering on the element
The last three options can be set as shortcodes and via CSS class.

These are the Pro Events that can be purchased as single extensions and are included in All Bundles

Inactivity - with this event the popup will open when staying passive on the website, you can set the delay as you wish.
On Scroll - you can choose the desired element, distance so that the popup will be popped when reaching to it.
AdBlock - with this option the popup will open despite the user has ad block extensions in his/her browser.
Exit Intent - this event gives an opportunity to show the popup once the user tries to exit the page (available with the desktop and mobile versions).
EDD Add to Cart Click - this one works with EDD plugin and when clicking on the add to cart button, the popup will be shown. When you install this, you will see the option in the conditions field as well.
Add to Cart Click - this event works with the woocommerce extension, which allows the popup to be opened depending on the add to cart action of the visitor. Once it is installed you will see the option in the conditions part too.


WooCommerce - is the best way to add to your WooCommerce website, which will boost your sales by notifying visitors about offers, depending on cart condition.

Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) Popup - is a great way to add to your EDD website, which will help to notify the users with the desired information depending on cart condition.

Scheduling - gives you an opportunity to set time/date/period that you wish the popup to be shown. This is a great tool if you wish to target the visitors for specific time zones.


Advanced Targeting - is an effective tool to target your audience by the user's status and role, devices, referral URL, after X pages and more options.

Geo Targeting - helps you to show the popup depending on the country/city as well as the set the IP of the visitor.


Analytics Tool - is a functionality, which allows you to track the events (On load, On scrolling, On click, On hover, On inactivity, Exit-Intent, etc.) of the visitors

Advanced Closing - gives you an opportunity to control the website closing process in various ways by removing the overlay of the popup and etc.

Random Popup is tool to show your desired number of popups in a random sequence.

Updated on: 20/04/2020

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