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How to Show a Popup on a Specific Website Section Using the Display Rules

You can set the Display Rules option to show the popup on the website - specifically where you need it. It is available in the free/core version of the plugin.

The Is/Is Not values are used to allow/disallow popup showing for the specific option.

The Display Rules can be found under the Main Options.

The following options can be chosen:

Everywhere: This way the popup will show the popup sitewide.

Everywhere is the default chosen option.

All posts: - By selecting this the popup will open on all posts.
Selected posts: - You can select the specific posts for the popups.
Post type: - Here you can select the custom post types that you wish the popup to be shown.
Post category: - This is a good tool if you have any post categories so that the popup will be opened according to the created post category.

All pages: - By selecting this the popup will be opened on all pages.
Selected pages: - You can select the specific pages for the popups.
Page type: - Here you can select the predefined pages, for instance, Home page, Terms, Search pages and etc.
Page template: - This option gives an opportunity to select the page templates that you have already created.

All tags: - If you have grouped pages/posts with tags in the website you can add this option so that the popup will be opened on the pages that have tags.
Selected tags: - Here you can select the specific tags that you wish so that the popup will be shown there.

Depending on your website configurations, you can have more options in the Display Rules. For example, if you have WooCommerce installed, you will also see the Products with its respective options as a display rule.

Note 1: if the rule(s) are only selected "Is not", and the popup is not showing at all, please try to add the Everywhere with "Is" option too so that it will work.
Note 2: you can add as many rules as you wish and they will work simultaneously.

Updated on: 20/08/2021

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