The Geo Targeting extension helps you to show/not show the group of visitors depending on their location and/or IP.

You target your Popup audience corresponding to:

Visitors IP

The extension is paid which is included in the bundles or you can purchase it as a single extension.
The feature is available in the Conditions section under the popup options.
With Is/Is Not "Rule" you can decide whether you wish to allow/disallow popup showing for the selected options.

Please see all the conditions that are available with the extension.

By setting the option you can decide whether you wish to show/hide the popup for people visiting the website from a specific country(ies).

Here you can list the desired Cities where the popup should open/not open for the visitor.

Visitor IP:
Using this option, you will need to set the Internet Protocol address (IP) that you want/do not want the popup to appear when opening the website.

Note: There are two versions of the plugin the original one and the light one. You will receive the light version when installing the bundle by default which only includes the Countries and IP conditions. If you wish to have the cities option too, please install the original one from here:

Also, note that all the Conditions can be set simultaneously.
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