Popup Builder Autpresponder tool is available in the Subscription Plus popup extension.
You can set up Autoresponder emails that can be sent to your subscribers in specified conditions.

Follow the steps below to start the creation of an Autoresponder:

In the Popup Builder menu, go to the "Add New Template" section to create and publish email templates for your Autoresponder email.

Go to the Autoresponder section of your Popup Builder menu and click on "Add New Autoresponder" button.

Add a Title for your Autoresponder email, specify the Name and the Email the Autoresponder will be sent from.
Specify the Email address to which the subscribers can Reply to.
Select the Email Template that you had already created for your Autoresponder.
Choose the Subscribers list to which you want to send the Autoresponder.
Specify the Autoresponder rule when you would like to send the Autoresponder to your subscribers.
Click* "Publish"** to start the Autoresponder.

The following Autoresponder rules are available to choose for sending the Autoresponder email:
After successful subscription
After new page creation
All tags/selected tags (that exist in the posts)
All new posts (published)/Select post categories
All new downloads (EDD)/Select Download categories
All new Products ( WooCommerce)/Select Product categories
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