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How to send Web Push Notification

Required options

Send Push

Open Popup Builder on your WordPress Dashboard after then press Push Notification and start filling in.

The List of recipients gives an opportunity to select the appropriate Web Push Notification Popup(s) from your created list, to send a push message.

Title to fill in the title (visible for the user) for the alarming message.

Text to fill in the proper message text for users.

Custom URL where to link by clicking on the push Popup.

Icon to select an icon for the alarming message.

Press Send.


ID, Region (country), Browser, Date, and Popup Title and filter them choosing the created date and selecting the appropriate Web Push Notification Popup(s) from the list.

Also, you can select and Delete the Popup(s) in case of need.


This section gives an opportunity to see analytics for a group of Web Push Notification Popups, by the following criteria: ID, creation Date, Campaign title.

Also, you can see the number of sent/delivered Popups and clicks on them.

Updated on: 07/04/2020

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