The Popup Showing limitation is a great option to set the frequency of the popup opening for the same user.

The feature is available in the free version and can be found in the Popup under Popup Options tab.

These are the main functionalities of the option which you can see by checking on the checkbox:

Popup showing count - Here, you can set the number of times that you wish the popup to be opened to the same user
Popup showing expiry - In this field, you will need to set the count of days during that you wish not show the popup or you can set to "0" so that the popup will be shown per session.
Apply option on each page - By checking this option, the popup limitation will be implemented for the current page. In case you don't check the option, the limitation will be executed sitewide.
Note: after checking and unchecking the option, the specified amount of days will be reset.

Please also see the gif below in order to visualize the steps:

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