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How to set Popup showing limitation (Free)

The popup showing limitation is a great option to set the frequency of the popup opening for the same user.

It works based on browser cookies and by saying for the same user, it means when checking the website from the same browser.

The feature is available in the free version and can be found under the Main options of most popup types.

Steps to set popup showing limitation

When creating a popup click on the Advanced section from the popup Main Options and turn on the Popup showing limitation:

Select how many times the popup will be shown to the same user with the popup showing count.
Select the number of the days after which the popup will be shown to the same user, or set it to 0 so that the popup will be shown per session with the popup showing expiry.
Check the apply option on each page option in order to save the popup limitation for the current page, otherwise, the limitation will refer site wide.

Note: after checking and unchecking the option, the specified amount of days will be reset.

That's it! Those were the steps to set popup showing limitation.

Updated on: 29/10/2021

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