In this article we are going to learn about the ''Popup Options'' which are general for all popup types.
The Popup Options can be found under the bottom part of the popup editing sections.

Please, check the detailes about every single option we provide below:
Action on popup content click: the option allows to choose the appropriate action after the content of the popup is clicked.
The available actions are:
Close the popup: the popup will be closed after the content of it is clciked
Redirect: users will be redirected to the exact URL, which may open in a new tab, when the options is choosen

Copy to Clipboard: you can put the appropriate text to be copied after the user click on the content of the popup
The option is usually used to show the discount, promo codes.
You can select to Close the popup after the inserted text is copied to clipboard, Show the Alert or else to change the Message, which needs to appear after.

Popup Showing Limitation: which allows you to set the limitation for the popup to appear for the same user defined in days or per session.
Note, that the limitation works based on browser cookies and by saying for the same user, it means when checking the website from the same browser.

More information about the option can be found here.
Popup Opening Sound: the option allows to choose the sound for the popup when it appears. The custom sound can be used as well when choosing the ''Change sound'' option.

Popup Opening Animation: the option can be used for choosing the appropriate opening animation and time for it.

Popup Closing Animation: the option allows you to choose the animation type and time in seconds as the popup closed.

Popup Location : choose the appropriate location for the popup to appear on the website.

Disable page scrolling: if this option is checked, the webpage won't be scrolled while the popup is open.

Enable content scrolling: if this option is checked and the content of the popup is larger than the specified dimensions, the content of the popup will be scrollable.

Auto close popup: the option allows to automatically close the popup.
You can specify the seconds after which the popup will be closed and also show the countdown on the top of the popup.

Close popup after the page scroll: the popup will close, when the page scrolled.

The ''Auto Close popup'' and ''Close popup after the page scroll'' options are included in the _''Advanced Closing''_ extension, which can be purchased as a single extension or as one of the extensions in the bundle.

Popup Order: allows to select the priority number for the popup to appear on the page.
If the popup has the low priority number, it will show behing the popups with the higher priority numbers.

Custom event delay: the option can be used to add the opening delay in seconds for the popups with the custom events like Shortcodes, Custom CSS Classes, HTML attributes of JS called custom events.
The gif below also can help to visualize the options.

These were the popup options that are common for most of popup types.
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