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How to Use the Popup Builder Button Inside the Popup

The Popup Builder Button is a perfect way to insert the button inside the popup by choosing the relevant action for the button.

The feature is available with most of popup types and can be found within the WordPress default HTML editor.

Steps to create the Popup Builder Button with the Classic Editor

From your WordPress Dashboard open the Popup Builder and choose the appropriate popup type ( for instance we used the HTML popup type).

Switch to the Visual tab of the WordPress default HTML editor and click on the Popup Builder Button.

Steps to create the Popup Builder Button with the Gutenberg Editor

After choosing the appropriate popup type, click on the + sign next to the block, then on the Browse all button.

From the Text section select the Classic block and press the Classic Edit.

Click on the Popup Builder Button.

Steps to customize the Popup Builder Button

The following options are available within the button no matter editor you are using.

Title: set the appropriate title for the button
Custom Button Styles: set the width and height, border width, radius, color, background color, hover background color and text color for the button.
Button events: choose the event for the button to be performed after it has been clicked. The available options are:

Copy to clipboard
Redirect to URL
Open Popup
Hide Popup

Click the Insert to put the button inside the popup or Cancel if you do not want to show the button inside the popup.

The result:

Updated on: 11/05/2022

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