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How to create a Web Push Notification Popup

Web Push Notification Popup is a great tool to send alert style massages to website visitors via desktop web and mobile web browsers.

Required steps:

Open your WordPress Dashboard and press Popup Builder >> Add New, after then choose the Web Push Notification Popup.

Fill in and customize the title and editor for your popup.

The key tool is Push Notification Main Options

The Allow button gives an opportunity to your site visitors to agree for future Web Push Notifications from your website, via clicking on the "Allow" button.

With the help of this tool, you can set the desired design for the Allow button, such as the color of the button, text, border, width, the button radius in pixels or percentage.

Via clicking on the Not Allow button, the site visitors decline to receive future web push notifications from your website.

By checking the Save choice option, the Popup will appear again for the same user after the selected days, since the day when the Not Allow button was pressed by the user.

If you stay the Push to button option unchecked (as default) the Allow and Disallow buttons will be shown under the text of the Popup.

The result.

Updated on: 09/03/2020

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