HTML Popup is a Popup Type which works with HTML code. You can add text, images, links and embed codes in the content and create variety popups.

It is available in the free version of the plugin. Here are the steps to create it.

Please go to your WordPress Dashboard, find "Popup Builder" plugin and press on it.

Please press on "Add New" button.

After, you need to select the HTML Popup icon to start creating the popup.

In the box you can add your own code (text, images, etc.) by pressing on the Text mode.


Also you have options to add media files, Popups and JS Variables and the system will create the HTML code automatically.

After, you can scroll the page to see all the Popup options under the box.

After, you can select the "Popup Events" and "Conditions" on how you wish the popup to be opened and other necessary options depending on your goals.

Lastly, you need to press on the "Publish" button to save all the changes.

Congrats! You have created the Popup. You can check the Popup on a page by pressing on "Preview" button.

We have created an HTML popup to bring an example, here:
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