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How to use Mailchimp Extension

In this article we are going to see how to create a Mailchimp popup which will help you to connect your Mailchimp account to Popup Builder and collect subscribers by inserting your Mailchimp Signup Form into the popup.

The extension is paid and can be purchased within bundle and as a single extension.

Once purchased, it needs to installed like this:

In case of the bundle, install it like this.
If it is purchased as a single extension, install it as following.

Steps to create Mailchimp popup

First of all, you need to connect your Mailchimp account to Popup Builder via the API key:

Here are the steps to follow:

Click on the Mailchimp under the Popup Builder menu.
Click on the Get your API key here to get the activation key. You will be redirected to your Mailchimp account to get the API key.
Cope/paste the API key into appropriate field and press Save Changes.
If inserted API key is the right one, you will see the Connected status.

Secondly, click on the Add New under your Popup Builder menu and select the Mailchimp from the list:

Steps to customize the Mailchimp popup

The following options available with the Mailchimp popup:

Status shows wherever the Mailchimp account is connected to Popup Builder or not. In case of using the right API key, it will show as Connected.
Your lists option allows to select the proper audience type to associate the popup with.

Below mentioned options are available with General Settings:

Enable Double Opt-in: when this option is turned on, the subscriber will have to verify their subscription after submitting the form. To accomplish that, the verification email will be sent to them.
Show only required fields: options allows to show only the required fields inside the popup. To make the fields required, do it from your Mailchimp account.
Enable asterisk label: you can enable the asterisk, set or change its title.
Enable GDPR: the option adds the terms that you can set for the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) countries. You can set a label and the Confirmation text in it.
Form alignment: change the fields position into the Left, Center, Right.
Label alignment: field's labels can be set into the Left, Center and Right.
Required Message: the text of the required message can be changed.
Email Message: the text of the email message can be easily customized.
Email Label: use the option to change the email label.
Error Message: option allows to edit the error message.
Show form before content: there is an HTML editor available with the Mailchimp popup. Normally the content in that editor will be showing above the form unless this option is enabled.

With the General Style the color of the label can be changed.
Use Input Style to change the width and height, border width, border radius, border, background and text color of the fields.

Submit button style helps to customize the button title, it's width and height, border width, radius, border, background and label color.

After successful subscription: you can choose one of the following actions you wish to be implemented after the form is submitted.

Success message: the text can be changed here.
Redirect to URL: here you can set the website link to which you wish your users to be redirected after the subscription. The URL can be opened in the same tab or another.
Open popup: when selecting this option you can set for another popup to be opened once the current one is submitted. Choose the popup from the dropdown list.
Hide popup: choose this one to simply hide the popup when the form is submitted.

Hide for already subscribed users: the option allows not to show the popup to the users who have already submitted the form

Note, if you want to add to add or remove fields from the Mailchimp popup, you need to do that from your Mailchimp account. The changes will be applied to the form inside the popup once you refresh the popup editing page from your browser. In case you won't notice any change, Update the popup and check again.

Updated on: 21/04/2022

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