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How to use the Subscription Popup

One of the popup types available with the free version of Popup Builder plugin is the Subscription Popup. It is a great tool for collecting subscribers and sending email campaigns.

This article will show how to create a subscription popup and also give information about the various options it provides.

Steps to create a subscription popup

Go to the Popup Builder plugin from the WordPress dashboard and click Add New.

Click on the Subscription one.

Steps to customize the subscription popup

The screenshot below shows all available Subscription popup options.

Form background options - here you can set the background color, opacity, and the padding.

Email Placeholder - set the desired placeholder title.

Enable GDPR - This option adds the terms that you can set for the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) countries. If this option is enabled. you can change the Label of the button and Confirmation text.

Fields - First Name and Last Name field placeholders are customizable. You can show/hide them, rename and make them required.

Required field message - You can customize the text saying which fields are required in case a user didn't fill in it. You can also set the sizing and the color of the input such as:
Width, Height, Border width, Background, Border, Text and Placeholder colors.

Submit button styles - You can customize the styles for the submit (subscribe) button:
Width, Height, Border: width, color, text, Title of the button, Title (in progress), Background color, Text color

Title (in progress) - This helps to customize the text after the popup has been submitted but the success message isn't shown yet.

Error message - you can set a message in case inaccurate information is submitted.

Invalid email message - This message will be shown in case the email added is invalid.

Show form on the top - When checking this option the form will be transferred to the top of the content (created in the editor above) otherwise, it will be under it.

Hide for already subscribed users - This option allows the following. When a person subscribes, cookie will be saved in the browser. Next time when a person visits the same page from the same browser, they won't see the popup again.

After successful subscription - You can choose one of the following actions you wish to be implemented after the form is submitted.

Success message - The text can be changed here.
Redirect to URL - Here you can set the website link where you wish your users to be redirected after the subscription.The URL can be
opened in the same tab or another.
Open popup - When selecting this option you can set for another popup to be opened once the current one is submitted. Choose the popup
from the dropdown list.
Hide popup - Choose this one to simply hide the popup when the form is submitted.

You will also see these changes with the "Live Preview" on the right side of the options.

You can see the subscribers list in "All subscribers" section on the sidebar. You can import a list to that section or else add emails manually. Besides this, you can export the list that's already been collected. Check this article on that.

Besides just seeing the Subscribers, you can also send them a Newsletter. This feature is available with the free plugin. More info on Newsletter can be checked from here.

There are many more options in the Pro version of the popup such as the Autoresponder tool, adding more fields, horizontal layout, notifications to a specified email, various integrations with email marketing platforms like HubSpot, Constant Contact etc.
The extended (Pro) version can be checked in this article.

Updated on: 16/08/2021

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