The Subscription Popup is a great tool for collecting subscribers and sending email campaigns by creating popup forms.

It is available in the free version of the plugin. We offer more features, in the Pro version of the popup such as autoresponders, adding more fields, horizontal layout, notifications, various integrations with email marketing platforms like HubSpot, Constant Contact etc.
The extended (Pro) version can be checked in this article.

The Subscription Popup comes with Newsletter and All subscribers options which are being added on the WP sidebar. Gain more information by clicking on them.
You can gain more information about the Newsletter here.

Please go to your "WordPress" Dashboard, find "Popup Builder" plugin and press on it

After, please press on "Add New" button, then on "Subscription" icon in order to start the creation

Please set the main options for the Popup, these ones:

Form background options - here you can set the background color, opacity, and the padding according to the one you wish
Email Placeholder - set the desired placeholder title
Enable GDPR - This option adds the terms that you can set for the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) countries.
You have the options to set a label and the confirmation text
Fields - First Name and Last Name field placeholders are customizable. You can show/hide them, rename and make them required.
Required field message - in this field, you can set the sizing and the color of the inputs' such as:
Width, Height, Border width, Background, Border, Text and Placeholder colors
Submit button styles - those are the exact styles for the submit (subscribe) button
Width, Height, Border: width, color, text, Title of the button, Title (in progress), Background color, Text color
Error message - you can create the desired message that you wish to show once there is wrong information added
Invalid email message - here, please add the content of the invalid message
Show form on the top - when checking this option the form will be transferred to the top of the content (created in the editor above) otherwise, it will be under it
Hide for already subscribed users - by checking this, the cookie will be saved once the user subscribes and next time when they visit the page they won't see the popup again
After successful subscription - in this part, you will need to choose the actions you wish to be implemented after the successful submission.
Success message - write your desired text you wish to be shown after the submission
Redirect to URL - here you can set the website link to which you wish your users to be redirected after the subscription
Open popup - when selecting this option you can choose the desired popup from the dropdown list
Hide popup - choose this one to simply hide the popup

You will also see these changes with the "Live Preview" on the right side of the options.

The subscribers, will be collected in the "All subscribers" section which is in the sidebar.

Here are the main options in that section:
Import - if you have a CRM list elsewhere, you can import the subscribers here. Check this article on that.
Export - in case you wish to retrieve local (stored in your database) collected subscribers to another service. Check this article on that.
Add new - you can manually add new subscribers in the list in order to create a campaign

Please also see the gif below in order to visualize the steps:
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