Popup Builder is compatible with The WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML).

If you have a multilingual website and you're using the WPML plugin for that, this article will help you.

You can create popups with different languages for different language versions of your website.

Make sure to have WPML activated on your website. Also, the appropriate languages should be chosen from the WPML configurations.

To make the integration work as it's supposed to, make sure to have the "Make 'Popup Builder' translatable" option checked from the Multilingual Content Setup. This can be found if you scroll down on the popup editing page when you have at least one popup created. The same can be achieved by making Popup Builder translatable from WPML plugin settings.

Choose the appropriate language from the menu above (appears on hover on All Languages).

Click Add New to create a popup and choose one of the available types.

When the popup is created and published, you will see it if you check your website with the respective language.

When the popup is ready, you will see the Language section of the popup.

• From the dropdown menu, the popup language can be changed.

Connect with translations to any custom post you wish.

• Translate the same popup to another language by clicking the plus (+) sign below the Translate. When you translate the popup, the popup type remains the same. Just the needed content should be added to it.

• Click Duplicate next to the appropriate language to have the same popup content duplicated in another language. This means the popup content will stay the same despite the language the popup was duplicated to.

You can choose whether or not to duplicate the uploaded media or the featured image to translation.

• If you use WPML's Advanced Translation Editor make sure to have the WPML's Translation Editor disabled. Click the OFF button next to "Use WPML's Tranlsation Editor". Please note that this button becomes available after the popup is published.

Once this is done you will see the options from the screenshot below. Choose "All Popup Builder" and click "Apply".

Please note that this step is essential because Popup Builder items are translatable only using manual translation and not via WPML's Advanced or Classic Translation Editors.

This is it! Now you know how to use the Popup Builder - WPML integration.
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