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How to create a Countdown Popup

Countdown extension is a great tool to announce your website auditory about upcoming or ending events.

The extension can be purchased either within the bundles or as a single extension.

Once purchased it should be installed like this:
• In case of the bundle click here.
• In case it was purchased as a single extension click here.

Here are required steps to create a Countdown popup

Go to your WordPress Dashboard >> Popup Builder section and click on Add New.

Select the Countdown Popup type from the menu bar.

Fill in the title (visible to the admin only) and editor on your own way.

Select the Countdown Popup Main Options section. This is the key tool of this Popup type. With the help of this section feel free to customize the option in your own way:

Counter background color - use this option to customize background color.
Counter digits color
Counter labels color
Counter divider color
Due date - use this option to set the countdown ending date.
Timer - use this option to set the exact time to countdown (in days, hours and minutes).
Repeat after timeout - use this option to repeat the countdown after ending the previous one.
Countdown format - use this option to set countdown format.
Timezone - use this option to set timezone.
Select Language - use this option to choose language.
Countdown Location - use this option to setup location for countdown popup on your website.

The result.

Updated on: 21/04/2022

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