Recent Sales or Live Sales is a super effective sales motivating tool for your website visitors. This Popup shows the recently sold items and in this way encourage new visitors to get their desired product.

Required steps

In your dashboard, go to the Popup Builder section and click on Add New.

Select the Recent sales Popup type from the menu.

The key tool is Recent Sales Options

Source - here, select the source to give information about your online sales (presently, the Recent Sales Popup works only with WooCommerce plugin, but the feature will be extended).

Content template - the shortcodes in the Content template will take information about buyers from your sales (e.g. from WooCommerce) that will be shown in the Popup (buyer name, buyer country, ordered product title, purchase time).

Number to Show - here you can set how many of your recent sales you would like to display.

Initial delay - sets how many seconds the opening of the first item will be delayed.

Display time - shows how long each item will be visible.

Delay between - this option enables setting up how long the appearance of each of the following items will be delayed.

Show image - here you have three options - to display buyer image, product image or a custom one. If you select a custom image, you can upload and set any image from your computer.

The result.

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