Yes/No button Popup is a flexible popup which allows to show warnings, requests, ask users to accept cookies, agree to the terms and etc.

In this article you will see the steps on creating it. Please make sure you had already purchased and installed the extension.
Please go to your "WordPress" Dashboard, find "Popup Builder" plugin and press on it.

After, please press on "Add New" button, then press on "Yes/No buttons" icon in order to start creating the popup.

Please set the main options for the Popup:

Yes button:

Label - Here you can add any name to the button
Background color - You can set a color of the button
Text color - Please set the color of the label that you desire
Border color - Here, the border color of the button can be adjusted
Fixed sizes - You can set the Width and Height of the corresponding button
Padding - Please set the padding of the respective button
Font size - Set the best font size of the button
Border width - You can set the width of the button in px and %
Radius - The border radius can be adjusted with this option
Save choice - This option is responsible for the popup showing, by "checking" the box you will see the below options:
Expiration time - Here you can set the respective number of days when you wish to show the popup to the person who already selected one of the options of your Yes/No button popup
Page level cookie saving - Once the option is "checked" the popup confirmation date will refer to the current page. If the option is "unchecked" the popup will be shown on each page selected.

No button:

All the options above.
Restriction URL - Here, once the user presses No (or the one that you set) button, he/she will redirected from your website to your desired link (most of customers use the google home page link)
Push to bottom - This way the popup will be pushed to the bottom

Please also see the gif below in order to visualize the steps:

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