The Gamification (Pick A Gift) Popup you can attract your visitors by giving a chance to play an engaging game and collect more emails in your CRM. It is a great tool to give discounts and other gifts that you desire.

In this article you will see the steps on creating it. Please make sure you had already purchased and installed the extension.

Please go to your "WordPress" Dashboard, find "Popup Builder" plugin and press on it

After, please press on "Add New" button, then on "Gamification" icon in order to start creation

Please set the main options for the Popup these ones:

Content - This option allows to write any content that you wish to have in the popup using basic WP editor. The options are:
Main screen message - choose the text that you wish to show when the popup opens
Play screen message - add a text so the visitors can choose the gift
Win screen message - congratulate them once they have won the game and add the gift that you wish (for instance: coupon code)
Lose screen message - cheer them up in case they had lost the game

Inputs' style - in this field, you can set the sizing and the color of the inputs'
Button styles - those are the customizable styles for the button
Gift image - these are the icons/images of the gifts that need to be chosen by the visitors
You can also add your desired one by pressing on "Custom Image" button
Error message - add the text which you wish to show when an error occurs
Invalid email message - in case the visitor uses an incorrect email address, you can warn them to write a correct one
Required field message - decide what to show in the required field
GDPR terms - let the players to protect their rights before providing the email address

Options - here you can choose the functionality of the popup_
Winning chance - you can set the winning chance in percentages
Hide for already played users - this way, the ones that had already played the game, won't see the popup
Start game by button - show a button before showing the game

Please also see the gif below in order to visualize the steps:

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