The Subscription Plus Popup is the extended version of the Subscription popup available in the free version.

The extension is paid which is included in the bundles or you can purchase it as a single extension.
Please make sure you have installed it to the WP and you already have the free version.
The main(basic) options of the popup can be seen in this article.

The Subscription Plus Popup comes with extra Autoresponder, Add a new template and Email Integration options which are being added on the WP sidebar. Gain more information by clicking on them.
The extended version looks a little different from the one that you have in the free version.
Here is how the sections are divided:

Here are the main features of the popup:

Enable email notifications - once you check this you will be notified about all the new users
Notify to - if you have selected the option above, please set the correct email address where the notifications delivered

The content tab:

In this part, there are shown all the fields that can be added to the popup.
You will see a little pencil with which you can edit the fields and a little trash icon with which you can remove them.
With the mouse cursor, you can drag and drop the fields to change their sequence.
The desired field can be set from the Dropdown list and the Add Field button will add it on the form.
Note: the submit and email fields are fully customizable but can't be removed

These are the fields in the list:
You will see Email, Submit, First name, Last name fields that are set in the free version of Subscription Popup.
Here are more fields with the Subscription Plus Popup:
Email - here you can add the label and placeholder can be modified
Submit - the field is responsible for the submit button you can rename, set a label and add a title (in progress) on it
First name - here you can set the labels to change the placeholder and field names as well as make them required.
Last name - this field works the same way the "First name" does
GDPR - this option adds the terms that you can set for the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) countries. You can set a label and the Confirmation text in it.
Text - you can add a text in this field so that the users can add additional information that you desire. You can make it required so that you will surely gain the needed information
Text Area - here you can have a bigger text area so that for instance to collect the data that you need. This field can be resized easily by selecting the right corner border and moving the mouse cursor
Radio Button - these buttons can be set for selecting choices, for example you can add gender options and etc.
The button names and the count of them can be customized by you.
Phone - simply collect the phone numbers, you can set this option as required so that you can collect the numbers of your visitors for marketing purposes
Advanced phone - with this field, the users can select the territory so that they can be easily detected by the system and skip the code of the country. They can add only their phone number in the field.
Number - if you have fields that might require any numbers, you can add this field and collect them
Dropdown - this field works with the same logic as the "Radio button" but instead of buttons, the users can select the options from the dropdown list
Multiselect - this option gives opportunity to add choices that can be selected simultaneously. For instance, you can add the names of the magazines or products and by selecting those the users will be able to receive the corresponding campaigns.
Checkbox - and again a field which is similar with "Radio button" and "Dropdown" fields, here, you can add boxes and the users can select the choices by "checking" them
Plain text - in this field you can add the content you wish so that it can be shown on the subscription area

The Style tab:
You will see most of the styles that are set the free version of Subscription Popup.
Here is an extra option with

Set fields horizontally - this way the fields in the form will be next to each other. By selecting the option, you can also see the "Except button" which is the "Submit button" described above. Once you check this, it will be shown under the form, otherwise, the button will be shown next to the other buttons.

The Advanced tab:

You will see most of the options that are set in the free version of Subscription Popup.
Here are more options with the Subscription Plus Popup

Register as a WP user - when selecting this option, the subscriber will not only be added in the All Subscribers list of Popup Builder, but with also become a subscriber of your WP account.

The Integrations tab:

Popup Builder has an option to integrate will these services:

Note: the Mailchimp and AWeber are not shown there as we have separate extensions for them.

When you go to "Integrations tab", you will see the integrations that you have. When turning them on, all the collected subscribers will not only be sent to your All Subscribers list of Popup Builder, but will be collected in the subscribers' list of that services.
You will find a "Local list" field which is by default "On", this is the list of the Popup Builder plugin (in the all subscribers tab in the sidebar).

In order to add the integrations in that part, you will need to make sure that they are connected.
Here again, you will see the Enable email notifications part.

Here is a way to connect them:

Go to the sidebar and press on "Email Integrations" button
Select the service that you are using and press on the arrow
You will need to fill the information which can be retrieved from the corresponding service account
Add the API URL | API KEY | Identifier information and press on connect
Once the service name is transferred to the left (under the Local list) this means you have connected it and will be able to see in the "Integrations tab" of the subscription popup settings

Please also see the gif below in order to visualize the steps:
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