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How to Use Gamification Extension

The Gamification extension is a great tool to collect subscribers by giving them a chance to win various prizes such as discount codes by playing an attractive and joyful game called Pick a gift.

The extension is paid and can be purchased within bundle or else as a single extension.

Once purchased, it needs to be installed like this:

If it is purchased as a bundle install it like mentioned in the article
In case of the single extension it can be installed as following

Steps to create Gamification popup:

Open the Popup Builder from your WordPress Dashboard and click on ''Add new'':

Click on the ''Gamification'':

Options available with the Gamification popup:

The Gamification popup has the following sections to be used: Content, Design, Options

The Content section allows write any content that you wish to have in the popup using default WordPress editor:

The following options can be edited and customized:

Main screen message: choose the text that you wish to show when the popup opens.
Play screen message: add a text so the visitors can choose the gift.
Win screen message: congratulate them once they have won the game and add the gift that you wish (for instance: coupon code).
Lose screen message: cheer them up in case they had lost the game.

With Design section the following options are available:

Input styles: the option allows to change the placeholder, its color, the width and height, border width, radius and color, background and text colors of the popup content.
Button styles: the width and height, border width, radius and color, background and text colors, title, title (in progress) of the button can be customized using the option.
Gift image: set the desired image of the gift which needs to be selected by user. In case there is a need to use a custom image, it can be uploaded by clicking on the ''Custom Image'' button.
Error message: add the text which you wish to show when an error occurs.
Invalid email message: in case the user inserts wrong email address, you can warn them to use the correct one.
Required field message: choose what to show when the field is required to fill.
GDPR terms: warn users to agree with the terms and conditions before they insert their email address.

The last one is Options section:

Winning chance: the winning chance can be set in percentages.
Hide for already played users: use the option to hide the popup for those, who had already played the game.
Start game by button: the option allows to start the game with the button. In this case there is no need to insert the email address in order to pick a gift.

Check the example of the Gamification popup:

Updated on: 21/04/2022

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