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How to Use the Recent Sales Extension

Recent Sales or Live Sales is a super effective sales motivating tool for your website visitors. The popup encourages visitors to get desired items by showing recently sold items.

The extension is paid and can be purchased separately or within a bundle.
Once you are done with the purchase, make sure to install it like this:

See the installation process as a single extension in this article.
See the installation process within a bundle in this article.

Required Steps to create a Recent Sales Popup:

Go to your WordPress Dashboard >> Popup Builder >> Add New button and click on Recent Sales icon.

Available features for Recent Sales Popup

The source is the place where you can choose the sales website platform. The available options are WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads.

Please make sure to have WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads plugins installed before using the Recent Sales Popup.

The Content Template includes the shortcodes with which you can use the buyer's details in your popup. For instance, the popup will show buyer name, buyer country, ordered product title, purchase time, etc. The shortcodes can be taken from the "Helper Shortcodes" section under the Main Options.

The Number to Show feature allows you to set the quantity of recent sales you would like to show.

The Initial Delay sets how many seconds the opening of the first Recent Sales Popup will be delayed.

The Display Time shows how long each popup will be visible.

The Delay Between feature configures popup's display time on the screen.

With the Show Image feature, you will be able to display a buyer image, a product image, or a custom one. If you select a custom image, you can upload any of your desired images.

The Orders Status feature allows you to show the Recent Sales Popups depending on the order status. For instance, you can choose to show popups only with completed order status. Here are other available order statuses: Pending payment, Processing, On hold, Cancelled, Refunded.

The end result.

Updated on: 29/04/2022

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