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How to Use the Registration Extension

The Registration extension is the best way to add the WordPress registration form inside the popup. This way the user can register on your website without any redirects.

The extension is paid. It can be purchased either within the bundles or as a single extension.

Once purchased it should be installed like this:

• In case of the bundle click here.
• In case it was purchased as a single extension click here.

Steps to create a Registration popup

From your WordPress dashboard open the Popup Builder and click on the Add New.

Choose the Registration popup type from the menu bar.

Steps to customize the Registration popup

There are multiple options for the customization of the registration popup. Find all available options below:

Form background options: set the background color and opacity, padding of the form.
Form Fields: make sure to manage the placeholder and label for the following fields:

Email Address
Confirm Password

Inputs' style: the width, height, border width, background, border, text and placeholder colors can be customized within the option.
Required field message: choose the message to appear, when none of the required fields is filled.
Error message: set the desired error message to appear when the username or password are incorrect.
Registration button styles: set the width, height, title, title ( in progress), background and text color for the registration button.
After successful registration: choose one of the following actions you wish to be implemented after the user is successfully registered:

Refresh: the page with the registration popup will refresh, once the form is submitted.
Redirect to URL: set the website link where you wish your users to be redirected after the registration. The URL can be
opened in the same tab or another.
Open popup: when selecting this option you can set for another popup to be opened once the current one is submitted. Choose the popup
from the dropdown list.
Hide popup : choose this option to simply hide the popup when the user is successfully registered.

Please, also check the Login Popup which will be helpful to show to your already registered customers.

Updated on: 25/05/2022

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